Why do you need an AMC for your Medical Equipment? Consider the 5Cs!

From radiation therapy being wrongly administered to healthy tissue, to perished stem cells – a host of medical accidents and failures have been attributed to malfunctions and failures of medical equipment including X-ray machines, CT scanners, PET scanners, freezers or other equipment.

Annual Maintenance Contracts, or AMCs, are service agreements between customers and service providers for the regular maintenance and upkeep of a product or equipment. And they represent one of the most surefire ways to avoid such incidents, to be sure of giving your patients a high level of service, and to build long-term relationships with them.

There are several reasons why companies opt for AMCs. At Blue Star E&E, we call them the 5Cs.

1. Coverage

Most AMCs cover basic maintenance needs as well as preventive maintenance services and emergency support. In the event of an emergency or system failure, having access to expert service staff ensures issues are addressed promptly, thereby minimising downtime and helping to restore operations as soon as possible. Emergency support would also mean your service provider’s experts are at hand round-the-clock and this is crucial when dealing with urgent situations that require immediate attention.

2. Confidence

AMCs help to build trust and confidence with customers. As a business owner, if your equipment is going to be of the highest standards, your customers are going to be happier and feel safer. You can show clients you are committed to maintaining a high level of service and are willing to invest in the upkeep of your equipment and facilities. This will ultimately lead to more business and increased profits.

3. Competitive edge

If your assets are protected with an AMC, it’s going to mean you are already one step ahead of your competition. It’s going to demonstrate to your customers and clients that you are intent on providing quality service with no compromises.

Customer satisfaction

An AMC involves regular maintenance and inspections to identify and address potential issues in equipment before they become major problems that result in anything from malfunction to a complete shutdown of services. This proactive approach helps prevent unexpected disruptions to your customer service. Imagine a patient walking into a hospital where medical equipment has failed, or where the airconditioning system is faulty. It immediately harms your brand image in the customer’s mind. Having your operations and equipment running smoothly will ensure customer satisfaction every time.

5. Cost savings

Regular maintenance nips small issues in the bud before they turn into major catastrophes, which can be expensive to fix. With an AMC, you get cost predictability, in the sense, you pay a fixed annual fee, which covers inspections, preventive maintenance, and repairs, thereby almost eliminating the need for expensive last-minute repairs. This can help you with your budgets more effectively. Regular maintenance helps to extend the lifespan of your equipment, again helping you avoid the cost of replacing it prematurely.

Blue Star E&E offers AMCs that address each of the 5Cs. We offer service quality assurance, risk cover, preventive checks, and priority service every time. Get more out of your hardware and your facilities with an annual maintenance contract. Contact us today.

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