Improve your assembly process with unparalleled precision and effectiveness. Take advantage of the PCB loader’s strong construction, effective lifting mechanism, flexible PCB compatibility, adjustable track distance, and user-friendly interface. Enjoy effortless PCB loading and unloading, increasing productivity and reducing mistakes.


  • Robust construction: Built with a frame of special national standard aluminum guide rail and a durable plastic chain for smooth and reliable operation
  • Efficient lifting mechanism: Equipped with a 90W brake motor driven by a ball screw, enabling precise and controlled up and down movement of the magazine
  • Secure PCB fixation: Utilizes a yadak pneumatic fixture for stable and secure positioning of the PCB during the loading and unloading process
  • Versatile PCB compatibility: Supports PCBs with dimensions of up to L330 * W250, accommodating a wide range of board sizes
  • Customizable track distance: The left and right direction of the system can be specified by the customer, ensuring flexibility to meet specific requirements
  • User-friendly interface: Features an operation control panel with a display control touch screen, providing intuitive and convenient control, with the joint venture display control technology

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