Scanners Type

  • RollerFORM: It is a new phased array wheel probe, addressing the inspection of composites and other smooth-surfaced materials. It is well suited for inspecting smooth surfaces commonly used in the aerospace industry. It is seen as a cost-effective and easy-to-implement replacement for a full 2D encoding system and a viable alternative to immersion techniques.
  • GLIDER: It is a 2-axis encoding scanner designed for manual inspection of flat or slightly curved composite surfaces. It inspects composites and aluminium using suction-cup pods and carbon steel using optional magnetic pods.
  • VersaMOUSE: It is a scanner suited for linear encoded scans with a phased array probe. The integrated indexing button makes it the ideal scanner for 2D mapping applications such as CFRP flat panel and corrosion inspections. The exclusive adjustable yoke of this scanner is easy to set up on an IHC-type wedge. The spring-loaded system is innovatively designed to offer the lowest clearance possible.
  • Mini-Wheel: This encoder is specially used for positioning and dimensioning defects in the scan axis. It is capable of synchronizing data acquisition with the probe’s movement. It is waterproof to operate in challenging environments. This encoder is made of stainless steel and features sealed bearings for long-lasting operation.

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