The Brinell scale characterizes the indentation hardness of materials through the scale penetration of an indenter, loaded on a material test piece. Whether you need bench-mounted testers, large-scale floor-mounted testers, or dedicated testers that are integrated into your production lines, we can help you with your application.


  • TEST LOADS: from 10 to 3000 kgf (From 98,07 to 29421 N)
  • Easy and fast automatic measurements
  • Load forces are applied through load cells and electronically controlled in “Closed Loop” with a frequency of 1 kHz, assuring perfect linearity in every range. Range from 10 to 3000 Kgf
  • Accurate results are assured even with oiled, dusty, or dirty pieces
  • The measuring head with indenter has a vertical stroke of 30m
  • Elevating screw stroke: 150 mm (Removing the elevating screw, the vertical capacity increase to 300 mm for large samples)
  • Load accuracy: Better than 0.05 %
  • The vertically sliding chromed spindle provides stable support for the specimen
  • Perform reliable tests even on multilevel or misaligned sample surfaces

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