The electronic creep and rupture testing system can perform not simply creep, stress-rupture test, and stress relaxation test on metals under room or high temperatures, but also low cycling test & creep-fatigue test following EN ISO 204-2009 and ASTM E139. These machines are widely used for quality control in factories, material research in the R&D department, and teaching in universities.


  • Load frame with a central lead screw drive and precision guidance via four steel columns for precise axial loading
  • Central lead screw for precise axial alignment
  • Allows for precise force and strain control for a wide range of applications
  • High-resolution force and travel measurement for optimum control properties, especially at very low test speeds
  • Guaranteed uniform temperature distribution along with the specimen
  • Easy operation during test performance and test result evaluation
  • Integrated temperature control of the high-temperature controller
  • Temperature control, recording, and documentation before the test
  • Well-designed data security concept

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