Customer support is Blue Star E&E’s number one priority, and the company is fully committed to delivering a world-class customer experience. Trust and reliability are the topmost heritage value of a Company, from which Customers are always being benefited.

Journey of ‘Enriched Customer Experience’ with focus on Customer Satisfaction & ensuring quality Service is standing out key strength of the company.

Value-Added Support

Blue Star E&E provides a world-class customer experience by understanding individual needs and offers calibration services across the product range in all regions. We offer a comprehensive calibration portfolio for PCB Assembly as well as PCB Testing Solutions.

Blue Star E&E’s service engineers and associates are factory trained and are equipped with the skills and instruments required to close jobs within committed timelines. With years of experience serving across the country, we take pride in our superior service quality.

Blue Star E&E offers support for repairing and maintenance of PCB solutions viz.

  • After-sales technical support
  • Annual maintenance contracts
  • Repair, spares, and services
  • Technical consultation for specific inspection needs
  • Refurbishment & Upgradation

We provide compatibility with the latest standards in a cost-effective manner to attain improved efficiency and system performance.

Service Quality is being ensured with the best-in-class System of Complaint Management. Turn Around Time is tracked for each service call with hierarchy mapping to control the same. Mobile Apps are being used for ensuring on-site service updates.

WhatsApp facility is provided for Customers to reach out to Company officials for any service support. Each Customer chat is being dealt with topmost urgency & closure is tracked from Company headquarter.

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