The Pendulum Impact Tester with a working capacity of up to 750 J is applied for notched-bar impact tests based on Charpy on steel and other metals according to ISO 148-1 as well as ASTM E23 Instrumented Charpy impact tests according to ISO 14556 and ASTM E2298.


  • Impact bending tests on metals (Charpy, Izod – conventional and instrumented)
  • Impact tensile tests on metals
  • Brugger tests to verify the wear-behavior of transmission gears
  • Wedge impact test to determine the strength properties of structural adhesives
  • Fast, standard-compliant specimen insertion
  • Specimen remains can be removed selectively
  • Semi-automatic centering of Charpy specimens
  • Made of modern materials with high-quality coatings reduce wear and tear

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