Shrink hooding consists of covering your loads with a hood and then heat shrinking it. This technology allows the film on your products to be stiffened and provide optimal support. Our eight-point guidance system allows you to cover the load without having to touch your products. The amount of packaging used is optimized, guaranteeing film savings of more than 10% compared to other pallet hooding machines on the market.


  • Combination of a hooding frame and a hot air shrink frame
  • Throughput of more than 70 pallets per hour
  • Exceptional packaging results by eliminating folds
  • Optimal seal on 6 sides thanks to an extremely high-quality heat seal of the floor mat and an incomparable hood seal
  • Savings on consumables and energy
  • Automatic combined hooding and hot air shrink system
  • Simple and fast film feed path management

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