Mini-load conveyor systems are a type of conveyor system designed for the transport and handling of smaller cartons and totes. These systems are typically used in automated warehouses and distribution centres to move smaller items such as boxes, small containers, and pallets. Mini-load conveyors are typically designed with a modular design, allowing for easy reconfiguration and expansion to meet the needs of the facility.


  • Compact Design: Systems are designed for space efficiency, enabling them to be used in a variety of production and warehousing layouts
  • Flexibility: Systems are highly flexible and can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changes in production or warehousing requirements
  • Durability: Systems are designed to endure heavy-duty industrial usage, making them ideal for long-term applications
  • Safety: Mini-load conveyor systems are designed with safety features, such as guards and emergency stops, helping to reduce the risk of injury or accidents

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