Blue Star E&E provides world-class Endurance Testing Machines. The endurance testing equipment range is widely used to measure endurance for various items, such as bicycles, tires, wheels and seats, footwear and leather, paper and packaging, and wires and cables. The endurance testing machines are known for their accurate readings and their ability to perform efficiently even during complex situations. Generally, a group of testing machines is clubbed together to build a system to address the testing requirements.


  • TYRE, WHEEL & SEAT: Blue Star E&E offers a variety of testing equipment to conduct tensile, compression, aging, and endurance tests on tyres or wheels to meet industry standards. Some of the testers are:
    • Multi-functional Tyre Rim Endurance Testing Machines
    • Radial Fatigue Testing Machines
    • Cornering Fatigue Testing Machines
    • Tyre Rim Impact Testers
    • Seat and Seat Belt Anchorage Testing Systems
    • Robot Getting In/Out Durability of Seat Cushion Testers
    • Computer Servo Control Seat Static Load Testers
    • Seat Assembly Vibration Durability Testers
    • Seat Slide Durability Testers
    • Durability Testing Machines
    • Road Hazard Impact Testers
    • Tyre Contour & Run-out Testers
  • FOOTWEAR & LEATHER: Blue Star E&E offers a variety of testing equipment to conduct bending, rubbing, and flexing tests on shoes or leather to meet industry standards. Some of the testers are:
    • Akron Abrasion Tester
    • Shoe Abrasion Tester
    • Taber Type Abrasion Tester
    • Crock Meter
    • Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester
  • BICYCLE: Blue Star E&E provides world-class premium testing systems for Bicycle Testing. The testing systems have multiple modules and fixtures to test different components of a bicycle and ensure it meets industry standards. The test modules and fixtures are flexible enough to meet the most relevant international standards, ISO & EN. Some of the testing modules & fixtures are:
    • Bicycle Material Tester
    • Dynamic Fatigue Tester
    • Hydraulic Power Package
    • Cooling System
    • Front Fork Dynamic Tester
    • Pneumatic Type Bike Dynamic Fatigue Tester
    • Bike Frame Horizontal, Vertical Fatigue Tester
    • Bike Frame, Seat Post Vertical Fatigue Tester
    • Complete Cycles Vibration Tester

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