The oil and gas industry has some rather unique requirements of inspection, testing and maintenance. Upstream wells, midstream pipelines, and downstream refineries each need different inspection methods, and they are all critical applications. Given the scale of global oil and gas operations, this places a heavy workload on oil and gas inspection departments. To meet the demands of frequent and periodic inspections, and the documentation they require, oil and gas companies need modern testing equipment that give them speed, power, and simplicity to complete their voluminous testing tasks in time.

Blue Star E&E offers the oil and gas precisely what they need through a wide range of inline and handheld inspection solutions as well as material testing and non-destructive testing tools  to enable easy handling of the high volume of testing that needs to be done in the oil and gas industry.

Material Testing

The oil and gas industry brings with it a distinctive set of challenges for owners and operators. As reserves diminish and product demand fluctuates, the efficiency, accuracy, and reliability of support services become more critical than ever. Managing the decommissioning of ageing assets too become increasingly important.

Blue Star E&E’s material testing services support the exploration and production, engineering, refining quality, training, research, and related hydrocarbon industry activities in various inspection processes, to ensure reliable, fast and accurate testing.

Non-Destructive Testing

In the oil and gas industry, safety takes the highest priority. Besides, unplanned downtime is expensive. Hence, equipment must work reliably without catastrophic failures, and must be up and running at all times. Any downtime must be turned around as soon as possible.

Blue Star E&E provides NDT solutions such as conventional ultrasound, phased array, and eddy current testing, acoustic testing, and remote visual inspection systems to check pipelines and welds for flaws and corrosion. Besides, we ensure priority service and repair support to the oil and gas sector, and stock critical parts as well to avoid delays in procurement after machines experience downtime.

Metrology Solutions

Blue Star E&E offers the oil and gas industry the most reliable and trusted 3D scanning solutions for corrosion, denting (mechanical damage), and wrinkle analyses. Thanks to the 3D scanner bundled with Pipecheck software, service companies and pipeline operators can stick to planned budgets and timelines, all while ensuring pipeline integrity and public safety which are so essential in the oil and gas sector.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

The oil and gas industry produces many secondary petrochemical products that require automated bagging and loading systems.

Blue Star offers the best-in-class end-to-end solutions for bagging lines for the petrochemicals industry, with Jumbo Bags (FIBC), Open Mouth Bags, and Form Fill Seal (FFS) solutions. These bagging solutions offer best-in-class accuracies and the highest throughputs from solutions available anywhere in the world. Our customised solutions are complemented by conveying, robotic palletising, and secondary packaging solutions that involve various wrapping or hooding technologies.

To further streamline the end-to-end automation, we also provide Automatic Truck Loading Systems that can load or unload entire trucks in just 3 to 8 minutes.