Increasing sophistication in hacking techniques, regular data breaches, and consequently tighter compliance mandates make the protection of sensitive data against theft, corruption or destruction a key focus area around the world, be it in business or commerce, research or governance. What is needed is a comprehensive suite of data security systems that are cutting-edge, reliable, and always a step ahead of the next big risk lurking around the corner.

Blue Star E&E offers data protection solutions that help you move past silos of encryption and crypto management solutions and deploy centralised and uniform systems that prepare your organisation not just for existing risks and compliances, but for the next big security challenge and a whole new set of compliance requirements. Our advanced and on-demand data discovery, data encryption, key-management, network encryption, and hardware security solutions enable you to remain in control of your data wherever it resides – in the Cloud, On-premises, or Hybrid.

Solutions for Banks

With the complete digital transformation that has taken place in the industry, Banking is now almost entirely data driven. The race towards giving the end customer a better experience means a rapid adoption of newer technologies, the regular introduction of a slew of new products, and an exponential increase in scale that stretches system capabilities to the extreme.

This fast-changing landscape gives rise to newer forms of cyber crime, increased hacking attacks and online frauds, a situation that naturally leads to stricter regulatory environments requiring banks to follow new compliance standards to tighten up against data theft.

Blue Star E&E offers financial service providers solutions that mitigate risks, control costs, and accelerate digital transformation by optimising and automating data-centric protection across hybrid IT environments. Our solutions guarantee peace of mind and at a low total cost of ownership too!

Solutions for Insurance Companies

Unlike the Banking industry, insurance companies are yet to comprehensively switch over to the latest technologies, and that results in a mix of IT systems in any given organisation. This presents unique challenges to data protection methods since they must cater to different generations of software at the same time.

On the other hand, cyber criminals use the very latest tools and techniques at their disposal to attack these systems, so the data protection must necessarily be current and up-to-date, regardless of the status of the underlying firmware.

Blue Star E&E’s experience in providing data security systems to a wide variety of organisations helps us offer you bespoke solutions that provide you enterprise-level state-of-the-art security regardless of the mix of systems present. Our solutions can protect all types of data, on multiple operating systems, and in multiple environments, without the need for extravagant budgets, or investment in new hardware or software.

Solutions for FinTech Companies

FinTech companies, especially the many successful start-ups in this segment, have taken the business world by storm these past few years with new product offerings that have given consumers, especially B2B customers, a wide variety of options to choose from for their payment solutions and other online processes.

Despite being at the cutting edge of digital financial service products, fintech companies do find themselves constantly lagging in one important area – data protection systems – largely because of the speed of change taking place in the industry.

At Blue Star E&E, we build fintech-specific solutions from tokenisation to data encryption that use the technology found in hardware security modules to help you guard against data security threats on a real-time basis. Call us to help you put together the ecosystem needed in your organisation to fight cyber threats effectively.

Solutions for NBFCs

Non-Banking Financial Institutions (NBFIs) or Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) are an integral part of the Indian ecosystem. While they do not have a banking license, these entities support industry by offering services such as asset and infrastructure financing, investments, loans, etc.

Since NBFCs too participate in financial transactions and are accessible online, they too are susceptible to hackers and other cyber criminals. Compliance standards apply too to regulate operations and protect sensitive data against theft.

Blue Star E&E’s security solutions like data masking, tokenisation, digital signing, and more, supported by strong encryption algorithms, protect data effectively in NBFCs.

Solutions for Payment Banks

Payment processing, be it within the country or across borders, is the lifeline of almost all commercial transactions. It is essential therefore to preserve the integrity of data in all such payment processes spanning intra-bank networks, ACH transfers, cheque clearing processes, mobile payments or credit card transactions.

Regardless of the method of payment transfer, data protection is of the highest importance, and even more so, in the case of payments of high monetary value.

As a provider of financial and payment HSMs, BSL E&E’s transaction security solutions are designed to support the needs of payment processing environments for credit, debit, e-purse and chip cards, internet payment applications, web-based personal identification number (PIN) delivery, and much more.