Blue Star E&E offers Brinell Image Analysis Systems (BIAS) which can virtually remove operator influence on test results. This handy instrument makes the entire test sequence simple. Auto option in the software makes the entire process user-friendly and error-free. BIAS measures the diameter of indentation automatically with a fine resolution of 0.01mm and displays the Brinell value.


  • All data storage functions are automatically performed according to batch parameters
  • An unlimited number of batches can be created, each with its, test parameters and certificates
  • The operator can select test load, indenter size, party name, address, certificate number, batch number, high and low limits for readings
  • BIAS has built-in statistical capabilities, graphs, and certificates for report generation and printing
  • High-low limit selection enables the operator to handle easy acceptance/rejection of components
  • Easy & extremely accurate in its readings and easy to transport anywhere

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