Sorters and diverters are machines that are used in a variety of industries to sort and direct objects or materials through a process. They can be used for sorting and routing items, such as sorting packages for delivery, diverting items from one production line to another, or sorting food products for packing and shipping.


  • High-speed sorting and diverting: can process items quickly and accurately, saving time and money
  • Flexible configuration: Sorters and diverters can be configured to suit a variety of applications, allowing for maximum efficiency in any process
  • Automation: can help speed up the sorting and diverting process, eliminating the need for manual labour, and improving accuracy
  • Advanced control systems: allow for precise sorting and diverting operations, minimizing errors
  • Safety features: help to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment during operation
  • Easy installation: Most sorters and diverters are easy to install and require minimal maintenance
  • Durability: Sorters and diverters are designed to withstand heavy use and last for many years

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