The automobile is so commonplace that most laypersons may not realise the complex processes that go into its production, to make sure that the end product is reliable, has a long life, and that it performs to expectations.

At Blue Star E&E, we understand the world of automotive production, and your requirements, well. We know that every component that goes into each vehicle must be tested for integrity, quality and adherence to design specifications, before it can go into the production line. Only then can the end product be assured of reliable operation through its long and tough life on the roads. Our solutions can help you test at component, sub-system and system level, thoroughly, and before and after assembly as well, to ensure trouble-free performance.

Material Testing Solutions

Automobiles are constantly evolving to meet modern demands of increased safety yet lighter weight, lower fuel consumption yet better performance, etc. Such seemingly contradictory needs are met essentially by the new materials used in the construction of the body, engine and other components of modern cars, that make them lighter yet stronger and perform better at lower fuel consumption levels. The structures of these cars are therefore increasingly complex and hybrid in design.

Blue Star E&E brings to the Automotive Industry a wide range of material testing solutions that help test the high-strength to ultra-high-strength steels, aluminium, and fiber-reinforced plastics that are used in vehicles of today, in addition to all the classic grades of steel. These high-accuracy testing systems also help in design using these sophisticated multi-material composites.

Non-Destructive Testing

The safety and reliability of automobiles rest in large part on the quality of the incoming materials that come to your production line from third-party sources, including your own backward-integrated OE manufacturers and vendors.

Blue Star E&E offers QC inspection solutions such as Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, X-ray, and Visual Inspection devices, that enable you to perform go/no-go tests on critical components and filter out defective units for return to vendor, thus ensuring that only precision manufactured components reach your production line.

Metrology Solutions

Automotive production lines always face the twin challenges of needing to ensure comprehensive inspection and QC before passing a unit out of production even while ensuring speed of production output to meet the demands of the marketplace.

Blue Star E&E’s metrology solutions help in meeting both these requirements. Our 3D scanning solutions offer high-speed automated inspection, BIW inspection, sub-assembly parts inspection, etc, to ensure quality output without any waste of time or slowing down of the production line. 3D Scanners also help your R&D in their development of new designs and to validate them in prototypes.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Automation of processes in manufacturing plants is of great use in both production lines and in supply chain management processes. Production lines across most industries, and especially in the automobile sector, need processes that ensure precision, quality and repeatability, all delivered at a very high speed. The human hand and eye are essential in certain tasks, but the strain of looped manufacturing processes in a production line can lead to loss of focus and tiredness, leading to error and even accidents that can be fatal.

Blue Star E&E’s turnkey Robotic Automation Solutions offer excellent throughput rates in automotive production lines while ensuring the highest quality of processes. Other logistics solutions such as our Automatic Truck Loading Systems, complete traceability solutions involving laser marking, tracking solutions, etc, help in efficient supply chain management. Such
solutions are increasingly becoming key focus areas in supply chain management across Auto OEMs and their suppliers in turn.

Another area of automation where Blue Star E&E’s solutions can play a significant part is in the battery manufacturing line for electric vehicles.

The world is moving swiftly toward the adoption of EVs, causing a rapid rise in the demand for lithium-ion batteries. The Indian automotive industry too is gearing up for EVs to be the next generation vehicles on their production lines. Blue Star E&E offers equipment based on laser
technology that help the battery industry to improve its cost-effectiveness, production cycle times, and battery performance. Being a green technology itself, a laser also helps to lower the environmental footprint caused by its use.

PCB Solutions

The rapid advancement of the automotive industry, fueled by technology and innovation, is revolutionizing vehicles by incorporating ADAS, electric mobility, and connectivity features to boost safety and efficiency. Top-notch PCBs are essential in supporting ADAS and autonomous driving, enhancing vehicle performance, and swiftly adapting to new technologies, thus contributing to environmentally friendly mobility solutions.
Blue Star E&E is a trailblazer in the automotive industry, our advanced testing equipment guarantees the utmost reliability and safety of electronic systems, ensuring seamless integration of ADAS and other innovative features. With state-of-the-art assembly machines, we optimize vehicle performance, contributing to improved fuel economy and reduced emissions.