• User-Friendly Software: The software guides the operator through an intuitive process that begins with quickly generating a sketch of the tank floor bottom and ends with a comprehensive detailed MFL map of the tank floor bottom. Also, operators may switch from manual to mapping modes with the touch of a button.
  • Real-Time Display: The real-time “A-Scan” display features an LED signal response that runs concurrently with a “C-Scan” mapping preview. The C-Scan preview clearly illustrates where the defect is relative to the magnetic bridge, allowing operators to locate defects even faster.
  • Tank Floor Bottom: In less than 10 minutes, recreate the tank floor bottom in our user-friendly software on the touchscreen. The operator does not require detailed information for each plate until the operator is ready to begin the MFL scan.
  • Speed Tracking: The operator receives immediate feedback from our new speed tracking feature. It provides confidence that operators are scanning within an optimal speed range, ensuring consistent, accurate results.
  • Speed Compensation Software: Software allows operators to scan at different speeds to obtain the same results. The speed compensation software normalizes the signal response when scanning within the speed tracking range.
  • Weight: 65 lb/30 kg

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