Discover the exceptional Pick and Place Machine, NPM-D3 chip mounter, designed to elevate your SMT assembly line. With its reinforced frame, advanced head, and acclaimed multi-recognition camera, this compact powerhouse delivers an unmatched enhancement in placement accuracy and remarkable throughput. Unlock unprecedented productivity for your operations with this industry-leading solution.


  • Versatile board handling system seamlessly adapts to support both single and multiple dual-lane operation modes
  • Maximize your factory floor space utilization and scalability with its compact footprint and dual-side operation capability
  • Boost productivity with the industry’s exclusive field-scalable multi-recognition camera, integrating alignment, thickness, and 3D coplanarity measurements into one streamlined process
  • Ensures unparalleled accuracy and reliability with the low-maintenance, highly accurate drive system
  • Maximize efficiency and productivity with the advanced linear motor-driven gantry system

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