• 20 or 40mm detector coverage.
  • 50cm effective field of view.
  • Intelli IP Quick provides advanced noise reduction with iterative reconstruction technology that achieves high quality imaging with minimized dosage.
  • IntelliEC optimizes radiological dosage with automatic tube current control
  • Reduced kV settings enable lower dose for paediatic patients or for better contrast detection
  • Provides DICOM Dose structured reporting and dose check to be compliant with clinical requirement
  • 75cm wide bore with± 30° tilt for patient comfort and ideal positioning
    Intuitive operability with quick entry to support examinations efficiently, enables simple operation
  • Locked protocols to ensure consistent imaging and avoid unintended dose changes
  • HiMAR (High Quality Metal Artifact Reduction) estimates and corrects artifacts based on metal in the scanned anatomy.
  • Ensure high image quality with fewer artefacts even during high-pitch scanning with our unique 3D reconstruction algorithm, the CORE method.
  • MPR Spine Mode provides display of thoracic vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae so scans can be done easily.
  • Perform a complete biopsy or pain therapy in real-time from a large monitor in the scanner room with Guide Shot for CT fluoroscopy.
  • Body fat analysis with fatPointer provides indicators of vascular diseases.
  • Lung analysis creates images for comparison and analysis of the nodule area.
  • CT Colonoscopy display 3D or virtual colonoscopic image from abdominal CT images
  • Calcium Scoring with low-dose ECG triggered prospective scan.
  • Whole-body, high-speed scanning with sub-second rotation time
  • Compact design with only three modules (gantry, table, console allows effective use of small spaces
  • Reduced ecological footprint with Eco Mode which reduces power consumption while in standby mode

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