Blue Star E&E provides Custom Built Plant Growth Chambers that offer maximum flexibility in accommodating complete interior workspace. Blue Star E&E uses appropriate air conditioning systems for easy installation without taking up the valuable workspace of the chamber. Applications include, but are not limited to, automotive testing, electronic testing, telecommunications testing, aerospace testing, material storage, coating preparation, biomedical storage, research, evaluation of packaging materials, seed storage, seed germination, plant growth, cultivation, and so on. The temperature and climate working ranges have been designed to fulfill all relevant standards.


Whether your project requires single or multiple complex chambers or rooms, we are the industry leader when it comes to creating high-performance environments to satisfy a vast range of applications in such disciplines as:

  • plant science
  • plant-derived pharmaceutical research and production
  • product and stability testing
  • material testing
  • human physiological testing
  • high-value storage
  • other life sciences applications

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