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  • ChainSCANNER: It offers a manual pipe-inspection solution for pipes ranging from 45mm to 965mm OD (1.75in to 38in OD). Instead of magnetic wheels, it is held by chain links and is well suited for weld or corrosion inspection on various material types using UT, TOFD, and PA technologies. The scanner can inspect ferromagnetic or non-ferromagnetic surfaces and offers the possibility for two-axis encoding.
  • GLIDER: It is a 2-axis encoding scanner designed for manual inspection of flat or slightly curved composite surfaces. It inspects composites and aluminium using suction-cup pods and carbon steel using optional magnetic pods.
  • VersaMOUSE: It is a scanner suited for linear encoded scans with a phased array probe. The integrated indexing button makes it the ideal scanner for 2D mapping applications such as CFRP flat panel and corrosion inspections. The exclusive adjustable yoke of this scanner is easy to set up on an IHC-type wedge. The spring-loaded system is innovatively designed to offer the lowest clearance possible.
  • HydroFORM/RexoFORM: They are designed to offer the best inspection solution for the detection of wall-thickness reductions due to corrosion, abrasion, and erosion. These solutions also detect mid-wall damages like hydrogen-induced blistering or manufacturing-induced laminations. The unique, quick adjustment device allows the wedge/probe assembly to be positioned at any curvature greater than 4in OD (101mm).
  • MapROVER: When used with HydroFORM phased array corrosion mapping solution, it becomes a very powerful and efficient tool to perform C-scan imaging of remaining wall thickness and mid-wall anomalies. When combined with OmniScan SX UT for conventional dual UT inspection, it offers a highly cost-effective and simple option compared to the more complex systems available in the market.
  • MapSCANNER: It is a completely new manual two-axis scanner, designed especially for corrosion mapping inspection. When combined with the HydroFORM or DLA phased array corrosion mapping solutions, it becomes a highly effective tool to perform C-scan imaging of remaining wall thickness and mid-wall anomalies efficiently.

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