Blue Star E&E offers semi-automatic and automatic Erichsen Cupping Testers for the process performance testing of metal sheets. The machines are designed based on screw universal material testing machines. They are also effective with thin strips for testing plastic deformation performance and ductility. The equipment can be used to provide clamping force, stamping force, displacement, cupping value, and velocity, depending on the models being used.


  • Semi-automatic:
    • Semi-automatic machines are precisely used for sheet metal and strip steel rolled stock
    • Also suitable for complete testing of plastic deformation for sheet metal and strip steel rolled stock
    • Testers conform to ASTM E 643-78 standard
    • Test load and cupping value can be displayed on LCD
    • A wide range of test speed can be set, starting from 2mm/min to 100mm/min, with variable speed
  • Automatic:
    • Automatic testers are mainly used in the process performance test of metal sheets and thin strips for testing the plastic deformation performance
    • Testers meet the requirement of the international “Metal Material Sheet and Thin Strip Erichsen Cupping Test”
    • Adopting hydraulic clamping and hydraulic stamping composite oil cylinders, these cupping testers automatically shut down when test samples have cracks, to facilitate the observation
    • Testers can automatically memorize the maximal stamping force and the maximal deformation depth
    • A turning type clamp ensures the convenient replacement, assembly, and disassembly of a punch and a test sample

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