This innovative technology used on an everyday basis in industry is still very new for medicine.  Non-industrial specialists require a user-friendly device to give reliable and accurate results. There’s no time for long preparation of a 3D scanner before measuring the patient.


SMARTTECH technology allows both fast measurement and plug and scan processing meaning that the scanner is ready to work after taking it out from the case. This is possible due to the manufacturer’s permanent calibration that assures metrologically referential results.

  • Ability to digitize humans with high detail, aiding CG artists in video game and animation creation
  • Saves time compared to virtual modeling, allowing focus on lifelike animations of scanned models
  • Creating digital human models with Scan3Dmed takes only a few minutes
  • SMARTTECH3Dmed product line features specialized image capture, reducing scanning time to 0.7 seconds
  • Dedicated optics with adjusted white balance and contrast for accurate color measurement

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