The processes of manufacture, operation and maintenance of aircraft or any component that goes into an aircraft come under tight scrutiny, both from the business point of view as well as from the regulatory point of view, since even the tiniest malfunction can result in catastrophic accidents and fatalities, both for people in the craft like the crew and passengers, as well as people around, either on the tarmac or hangar, or even on the ground wherever a craft crashlands.

Blue Star E&E’s testing solutions suit the demands of the aerospace industry well. They offer reliable quality inspection at high throughput speeds, testing of components, sub-systems and systems before assembly and during repairs, and automation of assembly lines to ensure high-speed yet high-quality production of aircraft and aircraft assemblies.

Non-Destructive Testing

The safety and reliability of aircraft rest in large part on the quality of the incoming materials that come to your production line from third-party sources, including your own backward-integrated OE manufacturers and vendors.

Blue Star E&E offers QC inspection solutions, such as eddy current flaw detectors to check the integrity of the aircraft’s aluminium skin, phased array technology for full volumetric inspection of complex composite parts, and remote visual inspection videoscopes to look inside jet engines for cracks and other flaws, help the aerospace industry ensure reliable inspection of components and sub-assemblies through non-destructive testing.

Metrology Solutions

Composite materials are integral to the ongoing development of aircraft, because they help manufacture craft that are lighter, more efficient, and safer. Such materials can also be moulded into more complex shapes than traditional metals such as steel and aluminium.

However, despite their many benefits, composites are difficult to work with and require accurate assembly with very low tolerances of error. The use of metrology during the manufacturing process helps to avoid expensive mistakes and the need to scrap or rework material.

Blue Star E&E brings you new specialised coordinate measuring machines, like the Long Bore CMM, which are invaluable while working on larger, critical components such as jet engine shafts. The Long Bore CMM ensures that the geometry and size of such components comply with the engine designers’ exacting specifications and requirements. Small wonder that leading aerospace manufacturers around the world like Boeing and Airbus use 3D Scanners for NDT, Metrology, and Reverse Engineering Applications.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Automation of processes in manufacturing plants is of great use in both production lines and in supply chain management processes.

Production lines across most industries, and especially in the aerospace sector, need processes that ensure precision, quality and repeatability. The human hand and eye are essential in certain tasks, but the strain of looped manufacturing processes in a production line can lead to loss of focus and tiredness, leading to error and even accidents that can be fatal.

Blue Star E&E’s turnkey Robotic Automation Solutions offer excellent throughput rates in automotive production lines while ensuring the highest quality of processes.

Other logistics solutions such as our Automatic Truck Loading Systems, complete traceability solutions involving laser marking, tracking solutions, etc, help in efficient supply chain management. Such solutions are increasingly becoming key focus areas in supply chain management across Auto OEMs and their suppliers in turn.

Blue Star E&E also offers a range of laser-based marking, cleaning, and texturing systems that help automate production lines, increase productivity, lower operation and maintenance costs, and deliver consistent results. An increasing number of aerospace manufacturers are replacing traditional processes in specific applications, such as dot peening, inkjet printing, and printed labels, by laser marking. Similarly, chemical treatments, abrasive blasting, and other mechanical cleaning techniques are being replaced by laser cleaning and laser texturing systems. Call us for turnkey solutions that we can offer you for your own specific needs.

PCB Solutions

In the fast-paced aerospace industry, safe and efficient operations are crucial for success. That’s why at Blue Star E&E, we recognize the importance of functions like navigation, communication, avionics, and data processing in ensuring smooth flight operations. Our PCB solutions are integral to the success of aerospace technology, offering compactness, reliability, signal integrity, and efficient power management for aircraft and spacecraft operations.

Our advanced testing equipment guarantee the highest level of quality control, ensuring every PCB meets stringent standards before integration into critical aerospace systems. Furthermore, our state-of-the-art automated assembly machines bring precision and efficiency to component placement, slashing production time and minimizing human errors. This translates to enhanced reliability and safety during aircraft operations.
With Blue Star E&E experience the enhanced performance and safety our PCB solutions bring to your aerospace systems.