Blue Star E&E offers Coil Spring Testing Machines that are specialized for tensile and compression testing on coil springs. These testers conform to standards, such as ASTM, ISO, DIN, EN, JIS, GOST. They are computer-controlled precision testing machines, which provide perfect solutions for spring testing with high precision, high stability, and high reliability. These testers ensure safety, reduce operator fatigue, and provide the highest level of flexibility with their user-friendly design.


  • Equipped with PC and printer, the testers generate output with high precision, high stability, and high reliability
  • The design also provides the highest level of lateral crosshead stiffness
  • Two different varieties: Single column and dual column
  • Single-column machines are more suitable for cases where the test load requires low capacity (below 5kN) such as biomaterials, textiles, plastic film industries, etc.
  • Dual-column machines are used for rubber, plastic, composites, metal and alloys, fasteners industries, where specimens need wide testing areas and higher capacity

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