The flat detector system in Allura Xper FD Series integrates the latest technologies in imaging and C-arm geometry. Its proven workflow efficiency and intuitive user interface with customizable settings make your Allura a true Xper system. In fact, it is everything your interventional department needs today and tomorrow.


  • Complete cath lab system provides exceptional image quality for coronary angiography.
  • Flat panel detector increases image contrast while reducing noise.
  • Ideal for challenging cardiac fluoroscopy, vascular fluoroscopy, and trace subtract fluoroscopy procedures.
  • Proprietary Xper (x-ray personalized) feature lets each clinician customize the system for their unique workflow, allowing for confident and fast diagnoses.
  • Philips Allura 3D-RA analysis package generates high-resolution 3D images from a single rotation angiography run in only a few seconds.
  • 3D-RA also offers enhanced visualization of the anatomical vessel structure.
  • Fluid workflow and DICOM integration brings together advanced image acquisition and visualization tools, multi-modality access, hemodynamic monitoring, and integrated reporting.
  • StentBoost technology enhances stent visualization.
  • G-shaped, floor-mounted, motorized gantry is compact and provides excellent patient stability from all sides.
  • While the G-arm is compact, the unit’s design can accommodate virtually all cardiac projections, even with obese patients.
  • Xper cardiovascular table features a free-floating table top and a 550-pound weight capacity
  • Table tilting function with automatic safeguarding system with manual override.

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