Shrink full-web wrapping is similar to the curtain wrapping technology in that the palletized load is guided through a taut film. Once the pallet is covered, this film is then heated to shrink it onto the load. This process contracts film to fit tightly around the products stiffened to hold them in place. Our pallet shrink wrapping machines are designed to optimize the amount of film used, which means longer-lasting rolls and savings on consumables.


  • Choose between gas or electricity to power your shrink frame
  • Machines adapt to your needs depending on your connection possibilities
  • Opt for a heating frame shrink system, if your production rates are irregular
  • Designed to optimize the amount of film used, which means longer lasting rolls and savings on consumables
  • Compatible with transparent, opaque, or customizable films to meet your every need while protecting your products from UV rays and other external elements

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