National defence and security at the borders require the use of highly sophisticated weaponry and machinery that require to be one hundred percent operational and reliable at all times. These equipment, whether they are missile systems on land, or jets in the air, or naval systems at sea, work in highly stressful environmental conditions and require constant testing at site to make sure that they are always combat-ready. The safety of sailors, soldiers, marines, and airmen, who operate these systems depends heavily upon such testing and maintenance.

Blue Star E&E offers Indian Military establishments highly sophisticated non-destructive testing equipment that function reliably in environmental extremes to test systems on a regular basis and ensure that they are always ready for action.

Non-Destructive Testing

Non-destructive testing of military equipment is an essential part of the maintenance routines of all our armed forces, be it the Army, Airforce or Navy. Such testing ranges from relatively straightforward ones such as the ultrasonic testing of welds aboard naval vessels, to complex testing of aerospace components that combine metals and composite materials.

Blue Star E&E not only offers the Indian Military a wide range of ultrasound, phased array, and eddy current testing machines, besides flaw detectors and remote visual inspection solutions, but also ensures that they are all military grade and can handle the tough conditions that they will work in. We also provide priority service and repair for our equipment and ensure availability of spares, so that these machines are never down for too long.

PCB Solutions

Defense systems heavily rely on sophisticated electronics, including radar, communication systems, missile guidance, and electronic warfare equipment in order to ensure seamless communication, and safeguard critical information with secure designs.
PCBs with proper layout and design help maintain signal integrity and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
Blue Star E&E provides advanced PCB testing and inspection solutions, ensuring the reliability and performance of defense equipment. With state-of-the-art PCB assembly services, we enable faster production, durability, and resilience of defense systems for critical missions.