The Fast-Moving Consumer Goods or FMCG space is a highly competitive marketplace that is dominated by the need for high-volume turnover at slim margins. Operators who master the art of moving large volumes of a vast number of discrete goods, many of them perishable even, from different sources through hub-and-spoke warehouses right down to retail outlets or home delivery via online sales channels, are the ones who succeed in this master game of fast-paced inventory management. In one word, what makes a successful FMCG company tick is a highly efficient and well-oiled supply chain management system that ensures high speed deliveries at lowest per capita costs.

Blue Star E&E works with a number of FMCG operators and has developed domain expertise in this field to be able to offer you cutting-edge solutions towards improving your supply chain management processes and to speed up the logistics at every stage of your operation.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

The key to success in the FMCG business is speed and cost-efficiency in managing logistics in the storage and movement of goods. Most operations in modern-day FMCG industries are automated to a large extent. However, the logistics and supply chain areas are still the weak areas in most FMCG companies.

Blue Star E&E offers end-to-end solutions for intralogistics factory automation requirements, including conveying, robotic palletising, and secondary packaging solutions that involve various wrapping or hooding technologies.

To further streamline end-to-end automation, we also provide Automatic Truck Loading Systems that can load or unload complete truckloads in just 3 to 8 minutes.

Put together, these automation solutions help FMCG companies to streamline their supply chains and improve the efficiency of their logistics handling at every stage.