Drop Weight Impact Testing Machines are suitable for drop weight tear test of various kinds of ferrites, especially for the test of drop weight for pipeline steel as ASTM-E 436, API-RP 5L3, ASTM-E 208, and DIN EN 10274. Drop Weight integrates mechanical, electrical, and automatic control technology, achieving full automation of feeding, hammer lifting, impact, and fracture specimen collection, etc.


  • Pneumatic specimen feed and fixture loading outside the test area guarantees fast, reliable feeding within the time required by the standard.
  • Quick-change system for anvils.
  • Flexure table with the integrated centering unit. Different specimen thicknesses can be set quickly and easily.
  • Electrical and mechanical test-area safeguards with safety circuit – the test does not begin until all safety switch contacts have been interrogated.
  • Electronically monitored, pneumatically operated safety interlocking to guard the test area against accidents.
  • Touchscreen operation with an electronic display of drop height, drop energy, drop weight, and impact velocity.
  • The adjustable drop height is automatically achieved after the input of drop weight and drop energy.
  • The drop weight is divided into individual weights to allow adjustment of drop energy. The weight is measured electronically, eliminating input errors.
  • Controlled low-temperature cooler for accurately maintained specimen temperature.

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