Blue Star E&E provides customized rail wheel inspection systems to meet the growing requirement in the market. The rail wheel inspection system is offered with either phased array ultrasonic or the conventional UT for detection of defects in wheel rim and wheel disk. This system targets different zones of the wheel using multi-channel & multi- probes and delivers fully compliant inspection systems for wheel manufacturers.


  • Ability to detect internal defects and fatigue defects in the wheel rim as well as the wheel disk
  • One-position, integrated flaw detection for the wheel rim and wheel disk
  • Compatibility with flaw detection in all types of trains
  • Optional facility to automatically load and unload railway wheels
  • Detection waveform to display and playback in A, B, C scans or bar-chart modes
  • Automatic data report creation and highlighting of defects in tested components
  • Reduced inspection time
  • Full volumetric coverage
  • Nearest sub-surface resolution
  • High SNR on long ranges

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