Blue Star E&E provides customized and automated bar and billet inspection systems using both conventional and phased array technologies. The inspection systems are offered for bar size ranges of T1, T2, and T4, covering bar diameters in the range of 10mm to 200mm, length from 3m to 7m, and offer a high testing speed of up to 2m/sec with best-in-class sensitivity & repeatability.


  • High-speed inspections (up to 2m/s depending on the diameter size)
  • Highest productivity, reliability, and repeatability of the inspection results
  • Versatile system; quickly reconfigurable to different inspection configurations
  • Use of ‘floating head’ concept for a constant and optimal positioning of probes, supporting relatively large straightness variations up to ±4mm
  • The centering of the UT/PA probes in each cassette is acoustically adjusted to optimize the detection for each probe
  • Automatic calibration facility
  • Mechanical system design, allowing very short untested bar ends (±20mm)
  • High sensitivity on small reference defects with SNR greater than 12dB

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