Blue Star E&E is a renowned x-ray system integrator for a wide range of industrial inspections. The company has an extensive portfolio of x-ray inspection systems with advanced features for inspection of cracks, inclusions, porosity as well as inspection of welds and internal structures. These systems are rugged, versatile, and easy to use, featuring several practical measurement features and application-specific software. Blue Star E&E manages sales, distribution, installation, commissioning, training of operators, and after-sales service for these systems. Localized, radiation-shielded cabinets or concrete bunker-based systems are also provided by Blue Star E&E for protection from radiation. A wide range of systems is offered, based on specific inspection requirements such as productivity, size of the component to be inspected, and space availability in the facility. Industrial x-ray systems are being supplied by Blue Star E&E in various sectors such as Automotive Component Manufacturing, Aluminium Die Casting, Oil and Gas industry, Defence, Aerospace, and also for R&D.

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