Electricity powers almost everything on earth today, and there is practically no one who is untouched by its uses. Power generation and distribution networks therefore remain some of the most critical infrastructure in the industrialised world even now. Consumers of power cannot tolerate power shutdowns, so it is imperative that these networks run 24×7 without failure.

Such continuous running is possible by adopting two methods. One, equip yourself with suitable online testing machines that continuously monitor systems on the network and trip alarms when components go faulty or are near a breakdown point. Two, build in sufficient redundancies and back-ups to allow for regular maintenance of one circuit while the back-up takes over.

Blue Star E&E offers a wide range of testing, inspection and maintenance equipment for both online and offline testing and quality control purposes. Whether your power generation technology is thermal-power based or wind-, water- or solar-power based, our material testing, non-destructive testing and remote visual inspection solutions help ensure safe, reliable and trouble-free operations without a break in your output.

Material Testing Solutions

As demand for energy continues to rise across the globe, maintaining existing power plants to ensure uninterrupted service, and extending the working life of the assets of each infrastructure are growing priorities for many communities and governments.

Blue Star E&E has been providing material- and component-testing equipment and services to the power generation sector for decades now, and have developed a thorough understanding of the materials, components, operating environments, and failure mechanisms that are normally associated with the equipment used across the sector. Our domain expertise covers the unique requirements of the entire power generation sector, including electrical, nuclear, gas, hydroelectric, wind, and solar power. Do call us to understand what we can do for your specific network.

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is an essential form of testing for the power generation sector, for multiple reasons. For one, it ensures continuity of power generation by identifying potential weaknesses or structural defects before they cause failure. And more importantly, it also ensures a real-time check on operations and saves the plant from catastrophic failures that can result in long plant shutdowns and, worse, accidents and fatalities.

Blue Star E&E solutions do even more. Tools are available to assess the condition of the power generation system and its components, and to evaluate its remaining service life expectancy. Our NDT solutions include remote visual inspection and ultrasonic testing for the inspection of pipelines, boiler tubes, heat exchangers, turbines, and cooling towers, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of power generation facilities.