Universal Hardness Testers allow hardness testing in different hardness scales with just one tester, without the need for several testers in one laboratory. Load forces are applied through load cells and are electronically controlled in a closed-loop. With these options, a hardness test can be done on almost all metals such as iron, steel, tempered steel, cast iron, brass, aluminum, copper, and metal alloys.


  • The ergonomic and handily wheel on the tester side controls the Z stroke
  • The vertically sliding chromed spindle provides stable support for the specimen
  • Perform reliable tests even on multilevel or misaligned sample surfaces
  • With software-controlled focus, image cleaning, shading correction, and DC regulated light source, reproducible results are obtained regardless of the number of indents measured
  • Solid and compact workbench with a large locker to accommodate the computer, console, and cables
  • Apart from hardness tests, these testers are enabled to do heat treatment, hardening, nitriding, cementation, and hard facing. Knoop test on ceramic and glass materials is also possible
  • Touch Screen:
    • Touch Screen Testers are equipped with automatic turrets with indenters as well as magnification lenses
    • The wide touchscreen helps in test planning and to get a clear view of results
    • These testers can generate and store statistics and charts automatically
    • The user-friendly interface with conversion tables helps to increase the process efficiency
  • PC Based:
    • PC Based Testers do auto-read with the help of CCD high-resolution cameras
    • Absolute accuracy (better than 0.5%) is delivered in every condition
    • These testers produce exact hardness results on the first test
    • The tester comes along with digital durometers with LCD screen, user-friendly interface and can generate and store real-time statistics and graphs

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