Blue Star E&E offers Electro-Magnetic Resonance Fatigue Testing Machines suitable for fatigue tests of metals, materials, and components under tension, compression, or reversal load. Relevant grips are provided for carrying out three-position bending tests, four-position bending tests, tension, and compression of sheet sample tests.


  • Series of electromagnetic resonance fatigue testing machines feature an optimized design and a rational structure.
  • The automatically controlled system adopts an advanced and wide-pulse-control system and a new type of power amplifier to improve the reliability of the electric system
  • These testers are with high efficiency, easy and non-stop shake, low energy consuming accurate control, and small fluctuation.
  • Load capacity: 20-500 kN
  • Relative error of static load ≤±1%
  • Range of frequency: 60-300 Hz

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