Stretch hooding technology allows you to wrap your palletized loads using a hood smaller than the pallet. This hood is first pleated and then stretched over the load from the top downwards. The elastic properties of the film thus ensure optimal support for your products. If you choose our pallet stretch hooding machine, you will be opting for an ergonomic, aesthetic, and customizable machine. The packaging film is opened mechanically, not by depression, guaranteeing absolute reliability as well as lower energy consumption.


  • Throughput of up to 200 pallets per hour
  • Use with all films on the market from 20 microns upwards
  • Up to 9 film rolls depending on the version
  • The easiest and fastest film change on the market
  • Easy maintenance and use thanks to the mechanical elements within reach at ground level
  • The new user-friendly human-machine interface
  • Practical modularity: the stretch hooder can be transformed into a shrink hooder

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