Process industries are constantly in search of solutions that can help them overcome their inherent challenges and improve overall efficiency and sustainability. This is especially so in the Paper & Pulp, Fossil-based Chemicals and the Oil Refining process industries.

Such a thrust from within the Process Industry segment has encouraged Blue Star E&E to innovate and come up with new solutions that help the sector in various areas, for example, in digital solutions, in environment and health, and in safety, as well as in overall process efficiency including in the areas of raw-material, energy, and water handling.

Blue Star E&E’s unique combination of process technology specialisation and multidisciplinary engineering expertise enables us to provide real value-additions to our clients. We participate in any studies undertaken within client organisations and then help in the implementation of the recommendations of such studies as well.

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

Process industries such as in the Chemical, Rubber, and Glass sectors require constant monitoring, inspection and maintenance, right through their lifecycle, to ensure their continued health, and to prevent failures that could not only bring business to a halt but could prove to be environmental disasters as well.

Blue Star E&E offers Non-Destructive Testing solutions like flaw detectors, thickness gauges, acoustic testing, and visual testing tools, that are used in process industries, even in harsh environments, to confirm the integrity of welds in pipes and tanks, and to monitor for corrosion. Such checks ensure early detection of possible failure, and repair and replacement of weakening parts before major failures occur.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Blue Star E&E offers best-in-class end-to-end bagging line solutions for many process industries, including the chemicals, paint, food, and beverage sectors. These include Jumbo Bags (FIBC), Open Mouth Bags, and Form Fill Seal (FFS) lines, all of which guarantee the highest accuracies and throughputs available from systems anywhere in the world.

Our customised bagging solutions are also complemented by our conveying, robotic palletising, and secondary packaging solutions, which involve various wrapping or hooding technologies.

To further streamline end-to-end automation, we also provide Automatic Truck Loading Systems which are capable of loading or unloading complete truckloads in just 3 to 8 minutes.