Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited

Turnkey Engineering Solutions Provider

Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Ltd (Blue Star E&E), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Blue Star Limited (, a USD 1 billion engineering conglomerate headquartered in India, is committed to delivering comprehensive engineering solutions as a trusted solution provider. With over three decades of experience, Blue Star E&E has established a strong reputation for providing advanced technology products and turnkey engineering solutions that cater to a wide range of industries across the country.


Company Profile

As a solution provider, we work closely with globally renowned manufacturers of MedTech equipment, Data Security Solutions, and Industrial Solutions to deliver customized solutions that meet the specific needs of our customers. Our commitment to innovation and excellence remains at the core of our business, and we are dedicated to continuing to provide our customers with the highest quality products and services.

Blue Star E&E was earlier part of Blue Star’s Professional Electronics & Industrial Systems Group and has been in existence for over three decades. Since April 2015, Blue Star E&E started functioning as an independent entity and a wholly-owned subsidiary of its parent company Blue Star Limited. Over the years, its business model has changed from being a distributor of leading global manufacturers to that of a system integrator and value-added reseller to now a comprehensive solution provider, thereby moving up the value chain. The business has been successful in capturing the pulse of the market and has carved out profitable niches for itself in most of the specialized markets that it operates in.

The business operates in the following lines of business:

  • MedTech Solutions
  • Data Security Solutions
  • Industrial Solutions
    • Non-Destructive Testing
    • Material Testing
    • Warehouse Automation
    • Metrology Solutions
    • PCB Solutions

In each of our individual businesses, we add value through a comprehensive approach that includes precise need identification, solution configuration, design and engineering, pre-installation support, installation and commissioning, and reliable after-sales service. At Blue Star Engineering & Electronics, we leverage the strengths of our parent company, including our sound financial health, nationwide network of offices, strong value system, and cohesive organizational culture. This allows us to deliver exceptional service and solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers across a diverse range of industries.