Blue Star Engineering & Electronics Limited

Helping Communities Reach for the Stars

At Blue Star Engineering & Electronics, we remain committed to empowering people and communities, and to maintaining a strong focus on sustainability in all that we do.

Our social responsibility efforts are geared towards supporting the health and wellbeing of marginalized sections of society. Underpinned by our expertise in providing turnkey engineering solutions to healthcare institutions, we support them also in the early detection of chronic diseases amongst underprivileged patient groups such as women, children, and rural populations.


Empowering people and communities is a way of life at Blue Star E&E. Air, water and food are three things that life depends on, and we use our expertise in cooling, purifying and preserving these precious resources. We make these products and services accessible across all sections of society. Our social responsibility efforts are also dedicated to supporting sustainable initiatives across education, skilling, children and women’s health, and women’s empowerment. We are especially dedicated to improving the quality of life of those in the communities around our manufacturing facilities.

Our flagship programme, the ‘Diagnostic Support Programme’ started in the year 2021, provides free diagnostic services through empaneled hospitals across the country. During the first year of the programme, Blue Star Engineering & Electronics supported 800 lives. We aim to support 4000 lives in 3 years and guide them towards better health and a better quality of life.

Our CSR activities are strategically mapped, monitored, and evaluated by a dedicated CSR Committee and the Company’s CSR team.


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