Not for nothing is it said that the Railways are the lifelines of any nation. Still the cheapest mode of transport for both people and cargo, and safer and faster than road, the Railways are the first choice of most citizens of a country, especially so in India, for travel as well as for cargo transport.

To ensure that they constantly improve their safety record and get faster with time to keep pace with competition from other means of transport, the Railways need to constantly upgrade their hardware, as well as to maintain their infrastructure consisting of thousands of rolling stock, lakhs of kilometers of rail tracks, signalling systems, communication networks and control systems. Regulations and compliances too demand testing and certification for most of the infrastructure on a regular basis.

Blue Star E&E offers state-of-the-art materials testing, non-destructive testing and industrial automation solutions that are powerful, yet flexible and easy-to-use, for almost all of the Railways’ testing applications.

Material Testing Solutions

As trains become lighter and more advanced, and travel becomes faster, rake testing becomes even more critical towards ensuring the safety of passengers, crew and bystanders, besides precious cargo that such trains may carry. These modern rakes are built using new, high-tech materials that cannot be tested easily with conventional equipment.

Blue Star E&E provides testing services for material selection and behaviour, research and development, failure analysis and mechanical strength. Our solutions use industry-leading technology, including customisable train simulation programs, high-capacity weld strength testing, abrasion and corrosion evaluation, and metallurgical inspection. With decades of experience and deep domain knowledge in the field, our experts provide guidance that you can trust and deliver the results that you expect.

Non-Destructive Testing Solutions

Ever since the development of railroads, engineers have always had to face the fear of failure of the railroad track itself. Not only do tracks suffer wear and tear from the railroad cars, they are also exposed to harsh natural elements such as rain, snow, heat and humidity, resulting in extreme variations. Eventually, such conditions are bound to cause tracks to break down. If left unchecked, track failure leads to costly damages, the loss of valuable freight, and, most importantly, the loss of human life.

Blue Star E&E offers a wide range of NDT solutions specifically meant to help the Railways and ancillary industries. For example, our ultrasonic testing systems and eddy current arrays help check train wheels and axles for flaws. They are also used to inspect trains and rails during manufacturing and as a part of a regular in-service inspection program to help keep the railroads on track!

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Laser technology is used in the production lines of an increasing number of railway manufacturers, replacing traditional processes in specific applications such as marking, cleaning, and texturing.

Blue Star E&E offers a wide range of laser-based marking, cleaning, and texturing systems that help automate production lines, increase productivity, lower operation and maintenance costs, and deliver consistent results. Laser Marking systems can replace conventional methods of dot peening, inkjet printing, and printed labels. Similarly, chemical treatments, abrasive blasting, and other mechanical cleaning techniques can be replaced by laser cleaning and laser texturing systems. Call us for turnkey solutions that we can offer you for your own specific needs.