At the core of most products we manufacture and use is some type of metal or alloy. As a metal manufacturer, you create a wide range of goods in metal or alloy, and these are either used standalone or in turn used as components in larger products. Your product may be anything from small, forged components to cast pieces, to solid metal bars or sheets. Applications for your end products may range from small metal subassembly parts to large aircraft! All such metal products need testing solutions to ensure that there is no flaw in the material both before and after manufacturing.

Blue Star E&E offers you a range of both inline and handheld inspection solutions to help check the composition of the raw materials being used, as well as the quality of the components being manufactured. Our inspection systems also enable your QC personnel to verify the composition of alloys when making critical components, while industrial microscopes help measure a metal’s grain size to ensure its quality. Flaw detectors enable tube and bar manufacturers to detect near-surface and volumetric defects.

Material Testing

Depending upon the metals you work with, Blue Star E&E can suggest the right material testing equipment that helps you to examine the mechanical loading strength of the metal or alloy up to break point or up to a certain point of deformation. This helps you in evaluating your incoming material and choosing only the best quality sheets for your work.

Blue Star E&E has vast experience in material testing equipment, having supplied turnkey equipment to many major testing laboratories and institutions across the country and in the MEA region as well.

Non-Destructive Testing

We realise that metal manufacturers like you need to ensure the quality of your output, be it forged or cast, in the form of bars or sheets, not only to protect the reputation of your business but also to meet rigorous regulatory standards if your output is being supplied to critical applications or to Government or large corporates. Non-destructive testing tools that are both inline and portable are available to aid you in reliable and easy QC testing.

Blue Star E&E offers you conventional ultrasound, phased array, and eddy current testing machines, besides remote visual inspection solutions, that help you check a wide variety of components like tubes and bars. Flaw detectors are also available that help detect near-surface and volumetric defects.

Metrology Solutions

3D Scanning equipment help test your incoming material as well as your metal fabrication output to ensure that no flaws have slipped into the end product and that the quality of your delivery is as high as you expect it to be. Besides, for the steel and aluminium industries, Blue Star E&E also offers innovative measuring and inspection systems to take thickness, profile and surface measurements. Our laser line sensors, with their high data rates, have proven to be very stable in harsh environments.

The proven performance and quality of our products and services have made Blue Star E&E one of the leading suppliers of 3D inspection systems to the metals industry.

Warehouse Automation Solutions

Parts producers downstream in the supply chain need metal smelters to significantly improve their traceability capabilities these days.

To address this issue, Blue Star E&E offers inline laser marking solutions that are safe, efficient, and low in maintenance, and are specially designed for challenging environments as prevailing in India. The laser solutions are ideal for marking non-ferrous metals like aluminum, zinc, lead, and magnesium, as well as various steel alloys. We also offer fibre lasers that can be considered to mark DMCs, barcodes, alphanumerical characters, or logos on metals.