The Essenza 1.5T MRI scanner is a cost-effective and high-performance system designed for small hospitals. It features a lightweight magnet, ultra-short bore length, and zero helium boil-off magnet, resulting in low operating costs and maximum uptime. The system offers a wide range of clinical applications and advanced technology to increase patient throughput and improve diagnostic confidence.


  • Enhances clinical throughput and productivity by virtually improving patient and coil repositioning
  • Features a water cooled gradient system with 30mT/m max. amplitude and 100T/m/s slew rate
  • Zero helium boiloff magnet
  • Parallel Imaging in all directions and head to toe
  • Reduced acquisition times with PAT factors up to 8
  • Compact design, fits in less than 325 square feet
  • Short bore length (60cm) allows for head-out or feet-first positioning, enhancing patient comfortDisclaimer: The trade names, images, logos and trademarks are property of the respective owners / manufacturers, Blue Star does not claim any title, right or ownership of the same.

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