• IPLEX GL: IPLEX G Lite packs powerful imaging capabilities into a small, rugged body.
    • Lightweight, rugged, and goes almost anywhere
    • Clear, bright images aid in your decision-making
    • Designed to make your inspections fast and efficient
  • IPLEX NX: IPLEX NX houses the most advanced technologies in the IPLEX series.
    • Equipped with a high-quality image sensor and bright laser diode light source.
    • Expanded measurement capabilities
    • Improved inspection efficiency
  • IPLEX GX/IPLEX GT: With interchangeable insertion tubes and light sources, an 8-inch touch screen, and advanced imaging features, the IPLEX GX/GT videoscope delivers an optimal balance of versatility, imaging capabilities, and ease of use.
    • Precise movements with a light touch
    • Convenient controls
    • Bright illumination, crisp images, and smooth 60 fps video
  • IPLEX TX: IPLEX TX is an ultra-thin videoscope, 2.4mm in diameter, designed specially to detect tiny defects by reaching inside almost any narrow or winding area.
    • World’s smallest diameter videoscope with articulation
    • Tough design made optimal for frequent use
    • Greatly advanced in image quality
    • Efficient image management
  • IPLEX YS: IPLEX YS is an extra-long, 30m industrial videoscope.
    • Equipped with innovative laser illumination and scope articulation technologies
    • Outstanding operability
    • Unsurpassed image quality
    • Precise diagnosis
  • IPLEX Long Scope Solution: With lengths from 2 meters (6.5 feet) to 30 meters (98 feet) and a range of advanced functionality, suiting your application.

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