Vertical single plane/dual-plane balancing machines provided with microprocessor-based measuring panels are used for balancing disc-shaped rotors such as clutch plates, fan blades, flywheels, magnetos, grinding wheels, impellers, spinning pots, and spinning spindles. Both the machines have simple operations and fully automated working cycles.


  • Digital display for unbalance indication: Amount and angle for unbalance for both planes displayed on separate DPMS
  • Accuracy ±1 Digit for the amount and ±1 Degree for angle
  • Digital display for RPM indication
  • Auto Stop: No necessary to stop the machine once started. It stops automatically after stabilization of unbalance results
  • Simultaneous Indication: Amount and Angle of unbalance in both planes displayed simultaneously and remains displayed (Stored) till next run. This eliminates the operation of the plane selector and reduces the additional time for stabilization of readings in another plane
  • Keyboard: Data of rotor dimensions and balancing tolerance i.e., values of A, B, C, R1, R2, tl1, tl2, are fed by key operation.
  • Tolerance Indicators: Separate LEDs are provided for both planes which glow when unbalance is reduced within balancing tolerance
  • Self-Check: Panel is provided with “Self-Check” mode which checks the proper functioning of digital displays, LEDs are cyclic operation. This helps immediate fault detection

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