These conveyors are typically used to convey palletized loads which can go up to 2000kgs per pallet depending on the SKU type. Pallet conveyors are typically roller or chain conveyors which are designed to accommodate specific sizes and types of pallets


  • Speed: Conveyor systems operate at much higher speeds than manual operations. This allows warehouses to quickly process large amounts of goods
  • Flexibility: Conveyor systems can be configured to fit various types of layouts, making them ideal for warehouses of any size
  • Durability: Conveyor systems are designed to withstand the harsh warehouse environment and can last for many years with minimal maintenance
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Conveyor systems are a cost-effective solution for warehouses. Also, it helps in optimizing the operational costs to a large extent
  • Safety: Conveyor systems are designed with safety in mind. They come with features such as emergency stops and sensors that prevent items from falling off the conveyor belt

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