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Blue Star E&E has built a strong reputation for providing a range of offerings of unique technology solutions. With more than 40 years of experience of material testing for automotive industry, Blue Star E&E have extended their range of inspection solutions for the entire value chain of the EV.

The intensive testing of batteries and other parts of an EV is not only important for ensuring their quality and function but even more for safety aspects to meet regulatory requirements. Our solutions contributes in EV manufacturing process in different testing and measurements, to ensure consistent quality, top performance, and higher safety.

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Our Solution Range

Class-1 safety enclosures and other safety features Fastest lasers optimized for EV applications

Versatile systems for single cells or large packs, payload of up to 400 kgs Detect details up to 1 micron

Cryogenic Cooling Technology – Faster cooling ramp rate IoT for remote performance monitoring

  • Integral Inspect whole structures
  • Passive Just listening
  • Dynamic Detects defects when they are formed or grow
  • Real-time Detects signals at the moment of occurrence

Sensor or vision based (2D/3D, CMM) systems can be custom designed and installed for specific in-line quality assurance applications without compromising on throughput requirements

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