Micro Vickers Hardness Testers are capable of accurate measurement of hardness numbers using state-of-the-art image processing technology. They can test a variety of products from soft metals to hardened steel with high accuracy. For loading and unloading, they have a motorized cycle and for load selection, manual machines have external knobs.


  • Horizontally rotating turret with four slots for magnification lenses and two for indenters
  • Indent Reading:
    • Auto: Automatic focus with auto reading
    • Semi: Manual focus with auto reading
    • Manual: Manual focus and manual reading
  • Load forces are applied through load cells and controlled in “Closed Loop” with a frequency of 1 kHz, assuring perfect linearity in every range
  • Motorized table 100 x 60 mm or 200 x 100 mm (automatic) with 0.5 μm step
  • Test Loads: from 1 gf to 2 kgf (from 0,0098 to 19,614 N)
  • The ergonomic and handily wheel on the tester side controls the Z stroke
  • The vertically sliding chromed spindle provides stable support for the specimen
  • Perform reliable tests even on multilevel or misaligned sample surfaces

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