Preventive Maintenance of MRIs: Why it’s so important, and what it involves

In healthcare today, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is a pivotal, diverse modality, a highly versatile and information-rich diagnostic and research tool to underpin body function and dysfunction. It is perhaps one of the most powerful diagnostic tools used in clinical medicine today. But it all comes to nought if there is no preventive maintenance. It can render even the best and most expensive scanners useless.

Preventive maintenance is not only cost-effective but also ensures the long life of the machine, boosts the performance of assets and minimises chances of failure.

In fact, there is an interesting rule in the realm of preventive maintenance of assets – it’s referred to as the 10 percent rule. It’s essential that all preventive maintenance activities ought to be completed within 10 percent of the due date. This when performed on a regular basis, can help extend the life of assets.

Like most advanced devices, an MRI relies on maintenance, cleaning, inspection for optimal performance, lubrication of parts, checks on energy efficiency, and repair or replacement before they fail.

Why is preventive maintenance important for MRI scanners?

1. To maximise its lifespan

Regular preventive maintenance can help identify potential issues in a machine before they become major problems, especially in terms of faulty imaging. Although there are several estimates, the average is that an MRI that receives regular maintenance can last beyond 10 years.

2. To ensure reliable results

MRI scanners require precise calibration to give accurate results and regular maintenance can ensure that. An unserviced MRI may result in poor image quality and compromise diagnosis and care.

3. To improve patient safety

MRI scanners use strong magnetic fields to produce images. Now these can be potentially hazardous to patients and staff if the equipment is not maintained. Regular maintenance ensures operational safety.

What happens during preventive maintenance?

The list is pretty long, but here are four of the things done during preventive maintenance:

The MRI scanner provides a strong backbone for the healthcare industry. Preventive maintenance keeps it running stronger for longer. Don’t wait for a breakdown to react. Stay proactive when it comes to your medical equipment. Contact our experts today.

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