How AI has revolutionized the Optical inspection in SMT

In the ever-growing landscape of manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been one of the biggest revolutionary changes till date.

Satya Nadella, CEO, Microsoft, labelled AI as “perhaps the most transformative technology of our time. It presents an incredible opportunity to transform every industry and create massive economic value.”

The integration of AI within optical inspection systems has completely changed how defects are detected, identified, and rectified within the electronic assembly lines.

Here are some of the evolutionary strides; AI has brought to the world of optical inspection in SMT;

1) Reduced Human Intervention:

With the help of AI-enabled optical inspection, the dependency on human intervention has minimized on a large scale, leading to a significant decrease in errors and increasing the quality standards.

By eliminating subjective judgments and deploying advanced algorithms, it precisely discerns between ‘OK’ or ‘NG’ components, surpassing conventional threshold-based assessments. This has led enhancement in accuracy and a better throughput.

2) CAD-less Auto-Programming:

AI has helped in revolutionizing programming as a whole; by enabling automated programming without CAD data. With better efficiency, AI utilizes the component placement files adapting seamlessly in the absence of CAD data leading to significant advancement in programming adaptability and speed.

3) Enhanced Program Precision:

AI has greatly contributed to reducing the programming time by almost 50%-75%, while also keeping it aligned with IPC-CFX-2591 standards. The integration of AI, facilitating automated component body marking recognition, meticulous OCV algorithm setup, and precise barcode and mark detection, stands as the driving force behind this substantial advancement in process efficiency.

4) Reduced Validation Time:

Through reduced errors in discerning ‘OK’ or ‘NG’ outcomes, AI significantly enhances production yield. This empowers operators to expedite inspections, thanks to the streamlined process. Consequently, the substantial cut in inspection time, along with the elimination of repetitive tasks, amplifies production yield.

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