Five Ways Turnkey PCB Assembly Is Set to Benefit Your Project

Much like the spine facilitates communication between different parts of the human body, Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) serve as the structural backbone of electronic devices. They are integral to their functioning, helping to support components and establish connections between them. Not only do PCBs ensure devices operate efficiently, but they also shield components from potential damage.

Now, the PCB is merely a bare circuit board devoid of any electronic elements. PCB assembly refers to a fully assembled unit that encompasses all the components necessary for the board to operate. For smaller players in the industry, the process of PCB assembly can be overwhelming as it is time-consuming, labour-intensive, and expensive. That’s why most prefer to employ turnkey PCB assembly services.

‘Turnkey’ would essentially mean when the service provider takes charge of the entire project of procuring components and the assembly of the PCB.

What are the advantages of Turnkey PCB Assembly?

Well, it can help identify issues early on … and that’s both cost-saving and time-saving!

As the assembler is responsible for ensuring everything aligns before delivery, you can be sure that errors have been identified and fixed. This means you won’t end up with faulty circuit boards. For instance, Blue Star E&E has a ‘Pick and Place Machine’, which with its reinforced frame, advanced head, and multi-recognition camera, delivers unmatched enhancement in placement accuracy, thereby making assembly much faster.

Greater cost savings

Turnkey PCB assembly would mean that you could be getting your circuit boards at a better price. Assembly providers usually have relationships with component manufacturers, leading to cost reductions on electronic parts.

More streamlined operations

PCB assembly requires several pieces and processes to come together and managing numerous vendors can be stressful for a small business. Turnkey PCB assembly solution providers are like a liaison between you and the vendor and therefore communication errors are minimised and the turnaround time is way better.

Simplified Prototyping

Developing the first PCB prototype is often expensive and time-consuming, but turnkey PCB assembly services can do this for you at lower costs and faster simply because they’ve got the resources for it. Also, you can be sure of better quality products and components.

One stop, no trouble!

Full turnkey assembly services cover the entire assembly process, including component sourcing, online tracking, ordering, reporting, and streamlined customer service. Blue Star E&E, for example, offers a Multi PCB Magazine Unloader, an automated system specially designed to improve the production process. Also, it easily adapts to different PCB sizes for efficient production.

Looking for a reliable PCB assembly service provider? Blue Star E&E offers cutting-edge PCB assembly solutions all tailored to meet customers’ unique requirements. Blue Star E&E guarantees precise placement of components and soldering, leading to increased component density and accelerated production. So, give our experts a call if you are looking for accurate, fast and cost-effective PCB assembly services.

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